How to Quickly Draw a Perfect Bass Clef [3 Simple Steps]

Hand Drawn Bass Clef

Compared to a treble clef, a bass clef is easier to draw. In this article, we will discuss how to draw a bass clef in 3 steps. We will then talk about drawing a more calligraphy style bass clef.

How to Draw a Bass Clef (Quick Method)

3 steps to drawing a bass clef
Drawing a bass clef in 3 steps

The easy method to drawing a bass clef involves three simple steps.

  1. Draw a dot on the line corresponding to F on the bass staff. This line is the second line from the top.
  2. Draw an ear shaped curve. The curve should go to the top of the staff and flow all the way to the bottom.
  3. Draw two dots to the right of the shape. These dots are in the spaces above and below the F line.

Notice how the bass clef centers around the F. The dot on the left of the symbol is on the F line, and the dots to the right of the symbol center around the F line. This is why the bass clef is also called the F clef.

How to Draw a “Perfect” Bass Clef

If you are like me, you aren’t quite satisfied with the bass clef drawing above. Let’s look at the steps for drawing a “perfect” or calligraphy styled bass clef.

How to draw a perfect bass clef
Drawing a perfect bass clef

Here are the steps to draw a perfect bass clef.

  1. Start with a thicker dot.
  2. When you make the curve, try thickening it to give it that calligraphy style. You can also experiment with a more curved tail as opposed to one that bends back on itself at the bottom.
  3. Make thicker dots to the right of the symbol.

Related Questions

What is the Acronym for the Bass Clef?

From bottom to top the lines of the bass clef are: G B D F A. An acronym to use is “Great Big Dogs Fight Animals.” From bottom to top the spaces of the bass clef are: A C E G. The acronym that I remember is “All Cars Eat Gas.”

How do You Read a Bass Clef?

To fluently read the bass clef, acronyms are not enough. In the long run musicians need to have instantaneous recognition of the notes in the staff. If you have to say “All Cars Eat Grass” in your head every time you read a space note of the bass clef, that will take too long. To learn how to fluently read music check out this article.

How do You Draw a Treble Clef?

This is trickier than the bass clef. You can learn how to draw a treble clef in this post.


Now you should know how to draw a bass clef, both the quick way, and the more perfected way. To draw a bass clef start with a dot on the F line, draw a curved ear shape, then finish with two dots around the F line.

To make the clef look more like calligraphy, thicken the curves and dots.

Happy drawing!

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